Paramedic Jobs From IMS

IMS; Paramedic jobs in many places

IMS offers paramedic in parts of the world and have recruited many experienced paramedics specialists over the years for clients in various countries.

We find excellent international roles for a diversity of candidates including:

  • Offshore Paramedics
  • Ambulance Paramedics

Most the positions IMS offers are for long-term contract roles (1-2 years) and are for experienced candidates. Whilst for offshore paramedics, the periods can vary from short-term contracts of a few weeks to longer term positions on a rota basis.

Over the years, IMS has recruited numerous paramedics for mining and oil camps and for offshore (for example rigs in the North Sea, off the west coast of Africa and Greenland). In the Middle East, we have a long-standing client in Saudi frequently looking for paramedics with a university degree education. Intermittently, we have roles in British Overseas Territories (including Gibraltar and the more distant St Helena Island); both often have a requirement for GPhC registered ambulance paramedics.

If you are interested in a new international paramedic position, please send over your CV and covering note to indicating location preferences. We can then start to work on targeting current or upcoming vacancies that match your requirements.