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IMS; Many dentist jobs in many places

IMS can offer many international dentist jobs. Our offers comprise excellent international jobs for dentists and dental specialists (orthodontists, oral surgeons, implantologists, peridontists, cosmetic dentists and maxillo-facial consultants).

IMS with its global reach has successfully helped clients fill important and crucial dental specialist roles across the world. Most dentist jobs we traditionally have on offer are in established clinics in Europe and The Middle East, although in recent years, we have attracted several new clients in The Caribbean and Asia with specific, though intermittent, requirements for specialist dental practitioners.

The majority of roles we can offer are for experienced, specialist, board certified dentists. For clients in the UK, Ireland, and France we do have roles with larger chains for general dentists with a minimum of two years’ experience. In the UK, dentists already with GDC registration are continuously sought, whilst in France and Ireland, candidates are welcome to apply without reg-istration already being acquired. For all these European roles overseas dentists should originate from other EU countries or have acquired rights. In Europe, most countries will also require a language test for non-native speakers to be able to register. IMS will advise on the necessary registration and administration requirements for each role with every country having different procedures. Wherever a candidate wishes to work, registration will be required in the country of interest and this usually takes some time; so please bear this in mind when you apply.

If you are looking to work in the Middle East, with the attraction of earning enticing tax-free sal-aries as well as working in modern, technology rich clinics and hospitals, IMS usually can offer various options; the majority of the roles being in Saudi Arabia. Our Middle East clients have exacting requirements. From IMS, they will overwhelmingly only accept highly qualified and experienced dentists bringing with them experience and training gained in western universities and hospitals.

To make the first step towards a new position, please send over your CV and cover note to identifying your country preference and specialism. We can then set to work on targeting roles that match your background, experience.

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