Nurse Jobs From IMS

IMS; Many nurse jobs in many places

IMS has been finding rewarding roles for many nurses and midwives for two decades.
The majority of the roles are within Europe, the Caribbean and the Middle East. The requirements and terms vary enormously, but the common theme is that all our clients are highly reputable healthcare organisations offering internationally attractive terms and conditions. The vast majority of the positions IMS offers are on permanent or long-term contract (1-2 years) and are also for experienced nurses with additional specialist qualifications.

In Europe, we have hospital clients in UK, Ireland, Gibraltar, Malta and Switzerland looking to source experienced nurses.  Usually, the minimum of experience required is two years and for all the countries in which we work we require nurses at staff grade and above in specialist areas such as theatre, PACU, anaesthetics, diabetes, oncology, dialysis and psychiatry always in high demand.

IMS places many nurses and midwives in several Middle East countries. Our clients in the Middle East are renowned for exceedingly modern hospitals, excellent working conditions and financially attractive offers (including tax free salaries). Our Middle East clients have exacting requirements; from IMS, they will overwhelmingly only accept highly qualified and experienced nurses bringing with them experience and training gained in European (and other western) universities and hospitals. Staff grade and above nurses and midwives are permanently sought by clients throughout the Gulf, with the majority of the roles being in Saudi Arabia with hospital clients amongst the most prestigious in the Middle East.

If somewhere more distant is of interest, IMS’s has several long-standing clients in the Caribbean: Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands. IMS constantly receives requests to source experienced nurses and midwives to work on these beautiful islands with their fantastic climates, outdoor-life and high standards of living. The packages on offer are generally highly attractive (with low taxes and good additional benefits) and usually accepted by candidates when offered. Again, most of these countries they tend overwhelmingly to accept from IMS highly qualified and experienced nurses bringing with them experience and training gained in western universities and hospitals.

IMS is able to offer medical healthcare roles that have arisen out of special circumstances in uniquely challenging environments. These have included small, remote clinics in East Timor, Zambia and The Solomon Islands, NGO and UN peace-keeping missions (DRC, Mali, Kosovo and Iraq) and nurse jobs in a number of African countries during the Ebola crisis. IMS welcomes applicants wishing to be considered for such roles (as and when they arise) as usually the requirement comes with very short notice.

Intermittently, we also offer roles in British Overseas Territories (including Gibraltar and the more distant St Helena Island). Both have on-going needs for specialist nurses at their hospitals and community clinics.

If you are interested in a new international nurse position, please send over your CV and covering note to indicating location preferences. We can then start to work on targeting current or upcoming vacancies that match your requirements.