Medical Staff

We are a specialist recruitment company supplying qualified medical staff from all over the world for positions in the UK and beyond.

Staff recruited by IMS work in public and private healthcare organisations throughout the UK - particularly within the UK's National Health Service (NHS).

We have contracts with many leading healthcare organisations to find doctors, dentists, nurses, AHPs and pharmacists and we are actively seeking experienced medical staff from many countries to fill these vacancies.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the documentation, registration, language and experience required to work in the UK or the Middle East. Our local offices, together with our UK base, can help support and advise you both before you leave your home country and when you arrive in the UK or the Middle East. The contact details for your local office are given in the box on the right or alternatively, e-mail to:


The main conditions for working as a medic in the UK or the Middle East are:

  • A recognised degree / diploma
  • Three years of work experience
  • Very good written and spoken English.

More details on the specific requireents for doctors, dentists and nurses are given on the appropriate pages under “information for candidates”

Many overseas doctors and nurses currently work throughout the islands. Though the salaries are less than (say) the UK, they are comparable to those of many Middle East hospitals and the cost of living is low and the quality of life is of a high standard.
IMS has contracts with various private hospitals in Malta and vacancies exist for a range of English speaking medical personnel.


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